To enhance the affection between the baby and the parents and at the same time make the parents to have a sense of achievement.
2)More hygienic:
The hair clippers in the barbershop have been used by many people. In case the baby is scratched, then it is prone to be infected.
3)More convenient:
With the hair clipper, you need not to wait in a barbershop for a long time. You could give your baby a haircut whenever you want.
You can use the kit the moment you have it without worrying about that you are a green hand and could screw it up.
5)More beneficial:
It is economic, since it could be used safely since the baby is born until he/she goes to the school. In addition, it could even be used by the whole family members.

The age range applicable: 0-12.
The whole body of the hair clipper could be washed in the water, so it is easy to clean.
Ultra-silence technique is adopted that could free it from work noise with only about 50 db, making the babies no fear to the hair-cut.
The ingenious design of positioning comb makes it possible for a green hand to cut into the hair of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm.

2,Long guide comb: (To help cut your baby's hair for 9 or 12mm)
3,Short guide comb:(To help cut your baby's hair for 3 or 6mm)
4,Trimming guide comb:(It quite easy to make it for those mothers who merely want to thin the babies' thick hair or trim)
5,Tonsorial cloth
6,Cleaning brush
7,Adapter:(When the clipper is connected to the power supply, it could also function well while being charged. Of course, you also can operate it after the charging finished.)

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