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Solar energy for homes is possible and in many areas it is the normal thing! In countries such as Cyprus, there are laws that now require that most of the energy required for homes and apartments (from new construction) come from solar energy. Some 92 percent of people’s homes and businesses are now solar powered there. Can something like this happen in the United States or across Europe? The answer is yes! Solar energy for homes is more than possible, it is necessary. This clean, renewable source of energy is easy to obtain and it is clean to use. Most importantly, it keeps the environment protected.

What are your options for solar energy for homes? There are several ways that it can be used, at various levels. In a simple form, consider your outdoor walkway. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a string of lights or small lanterns that help to illuminate your walkway so that guests could see where they were headed? You could install a electric cord to provide this power, but that requires wires and it must be turned on by you. On the other hand, you may want to consider solar powered lights. These collect the energy they need to remain powered most of the night in small solar panels on the tops of them. When the sun goes down, they instantly come on and you have an amazing look and light with no electric use.

This is just one example of solar energy for homes and perhaps the simplest of forms. There is much more that the homeowner can use solar energy for. For some, such as those just building their dream home, the consideration of using solar energy to power it is an immense opportunity. Solar power systems can be added to homes to do any number of things, including and especially, powering water heating, cooling, as well as providing a source of electricity to the home. Every time you turn on the furnace or you make some toast, you are using solar energy generated from solar panels located on your roof.

Soon, solar energy for homes will come directly from your electric company. In some areas, this is already happening. The goal is for the electric company to gather the necessary energy it needs and store it then pipe it to you as it currently does for electricity. Nothing in your home needs to change. Solar energy for homes is a very real energy resource and it is likely that in the near future it will become even more important to everyday life.

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