Where are your Huggies Wipes when you need them? If you are like other parents, your diaper wipes are hiding in the nursery or the diaper bag. The problem is, messes are on the move and can happen anywhere, anytime. Now, your wipes can also be on the move with NEW HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* Wipes. Our HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* Wipes allow mom to be prepared for those messy moments without sacrificing her sense of style. HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* Natural Care Wipes offer moms a handy and stylish solution to mess management with wipes in designer cases, and the easy-to-use snap strap lets Huggies Wipes hang out where messes happen without being a distraction. If your wipes aren’t within arm’s reach, they just aren’t close enough.

HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* Wipes are great for on-the-go mess management

The easy snap strap makes HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* a perfect portable solution

Moms Love Them

HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* Wipes are a hit with moms. They love these easy-to-carry HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* packs. Don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews. “Just toss it in the purse and you’re ready to go… I would keep one in my car… Now I don’t have to carry a diaper bag everywhere” “I love that it has a design… It looks really sleek… It stands out” “I want it, where do I buy it? … This is fabulous!”

Tackle Messes Anywhere in Style with Portable HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* Wipes

NEW HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* Wipes are made to be an on-the-go solution for busy moms. Our clean and smooth shape allows HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* Natural Care Wipes to easily fit in any location. Combine the sleek shape with a super handy snap strap and stylish designs and you have a portable tool for tackling the messy moments that occur when you are on the go. Getting those wipes out of the pack is a cinch with the easy dispensing flip-top lid. Our improved moisture retention with Moisture Lock Press-to-Seal keeps your baby wipes damp while they hang out waiting for messes to happen.

Huggies Natural Care Wipes are on the Inside

HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* packages look fantastic on the outside, but it’s the magic on the inside that keeps babies clean and happy. They are easily refillable, so don’t worry. You won’t have to throw away these beautiful designer wipes cases. Huggies Natural Care Wipes fit right in the pouch, are soft and cushiony for gentle cleaning, AND help to maintain your baby’s naturally healthy skin. In fact, Huggies Natural Care Wipes with Triple Clean layers are hypoallergenic wipes with built-in aloe and vitamin E. These are seriously sensitive wipes designed to be tough on messes and gentle on babies.

Our trendy design will help keep you in style and prepared for problems that pop up

Refill to Go Please

HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* packages make it easy to manage messes on the go. The convenient carrying case makes it easy to take your favorite Huggies Wipes with you, and they are completely refillable. Purchase Huggies refill packs in 184-count wipes or 648-count wipes to keep those HUGGIES CLUTCH ‘N’ CLEAN* cases stocked at all times. Also, our refill wipes will slide right into your Huggies Designer Tubs* for mess management in every room. Not just for the changing table anymore, leave some Huggies Wipes in the kitchen for after-dinner cleanup or in the playroom for messy arts-and-crafts time.


Unique innovative designs (pack of 6 – two of each stylish design) Discreet packaging Easy carry snap strap Easy-fit shape for convenient packing Refillable Improved moisture retention Pre-packaged with Nature Care Wipes inside

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