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Top 10 eerie pictures and the tragic story behind them. Every photo has a story, these stories may disturb you.
Let’s face it, we love taking pictures. We’ll take pictures of anything and everything – from selfies to celebrities, from the inexplicably strange to the downright mundane. This isn’t anything new. Since the early 1800s, camera technology steadily improved to the point that pictures could be taken almost anywhere or anytime. Photographs often left little to the imagination as they displayed a real life image instead of an artist’s interpretation. For many people, the picture didn’t hide anything, instead displaying its subject for all to see.
Photographs and photography remain just as popular today as during the first years of the camera. Today it seems every piece of personal electronics comes with a camera so we can snap away and send instant pictures to our friends in just seconds. In this sense, a picture can really say a thousand words and let others know where we are, how we feel or what we are doing without long lines of text. Pictures tell a story all on their own.
Sometimes, however, a picture on its own isn’t enough. We might think we are seeing one thing when in fact there is a whole other meaning to the photo. In this sense a photograph can be misleading or just down-right deceiving. A picture might show a smiling person, but is that person really happy or just putting on a show? We might see a calm scene, but what’s going on around it that might suggest otherwise? A photo might say a thousand words but it may need a few more to clarify the situation and provide some much needed backstory.
We are drawn to photographs because of the stories they tell and don’t tell. There are the historic photos of great people, military events and world changing moments which fascinate us and draw us in. There are family photos which bring back memories, both good and bad, letting us relive moments of our past and remember those no longer with us. Pictures of nature draw us in with their beauty and color while sporting pictures can raise emotions surrounding a great player or the big game.
At first glance, each of the following pictures tells its own story. However, each story has a substantial backstory which drastically changes the mood and interpretation of the photograph being viewed. Most of these pictures are very well known or even infamous. On their own, some are pretty creepy while others take a bit of searching before the darker meaning of the picture sinks in. In all cases, these pictures have a disturbing backstory which can take things from creepy to just plain uncomfortable in a very short span of time. What you see isn’t what you always get here.


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