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There was an old man, older couple went to the doctors and the guy said to his doctor, he got in there first and he told the doctor he goes “I’m worried about my wife. I think she’s loosing her hearing, but I don’t want to get her upset about it. What can I do to find out how bad her hearing is?” The doctor said “Well, when you go home ask her something from aways, away. Find out if she can hear you. Get a little bit closer, ask her again, see if she can hear you. And then let me know how close you have to be to her for her to finally hear you and then I can determine how bad her hearing is. So later on that evening they were home and the wife is in the kitchen, she’s cooking him some dinner and he comes in the front door and he goes “Honey, whats the dinner?” No reaction, she’s still cooking. I wonder how I’m going to walk when I’m 103? Maybe like this. He gets a little bit closer, “Honey, what’s for dinner?” Still no reaction. Get’s a little bit closer. Asked her again, a little bit louder voice this time. “Honey, whats the dinner?” Still, no reaction. Pretty soon he’s almost right behind her, he says it again. “Honey, whats the dinner?” She turns around, she goes, “For God sakes, I told you four times already.” It was him! I like that one. You’ll be telling at work tomorrow and your employees will go .. oh. I was there.

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