Please note, we reserve the right to substitute colors depending on availability. You will still receive the same color scheme. You will receive premium supplies as follows: 20 Shabby Flowers: 2 pink, 2 Ivory, 2 White, 2 Aqua, 2 Hot Pink, 2 Pale Yellow, 2 Brook Green, 2 Pink Peacock, 2 Multi Dots, 2 Petite Solid Pink. 1 Aqua 3.5 Inch Isabella Flower. 1 Pale Yellow Lotus Leaf. 1 Baby Pink Lace Sophia Collection Flower. 1 Parisian Beaded Pink Milana Collection Flower. 1 Baby Pink Caitlin Collection Flower. 1 Aqua Gabriella Collection Flower. 1 Yellow Satin Mesh Flower. 1 Pink Satin Petti Puff. 1 Pink Ballerina Flower. 3 Mini Rolled Rosettes. 2 Sequin Bows in 2 different styles. 5 Lined Clips. 5 Rhinestone Buttons. 10 1.5 Inch Felt Circles. You will receive a total of 15 yards of elastic, makes 30 headbands: 2 Yards Baby Pink 5/8 Inch Elastic 2 Yards White 5/8 Inch Elastic 1 Yards Hot Pink 5/8 Inch Elastic 1 Yard Pale Yellow 5/8 Inch Elastic 1 Yard Aqua 5/8 Inch Elastic 1 Yard Brook Green 5/8 Inch Elastic 2 Yards White Skinny Elastic 2 Yards Baby Pink Skinny Elastic 1 Yard Hot Pink Skinny Elastic 2 Yards Printed Elastic to Match (You may get 2 different styles 1 yard each, or 4 different styles 1/2 yard each, enough to make one headband with each 1/2 yard) You will also receive as a bonus: 2 Ready to Embellish Lace Headbands 10 Mini Acrylic Buttons All of the Baby Shower Kits Now Come With Instructions. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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