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Top 10 brain and eye teasers that will leave your mind blown!
The way our eyes work is that we see something in front of us, our brain processes the shapes and colors, and then we have our sight. Inside our eyes are lenses, which make sense of the world around us. The direct connection between the eyes and the brain have given us opportunities to improve our vision and create some amazing effects for our entertainment. Then we have the complexity of optical illusions, where we see things that don’t exist. In the past, optical illusions were perceived to be of witchcraft and other supernatural causes. People were imprisoned and burned at the stake for creating and promoting optical illusions. Luckily in today’s contemporary world, science and psychology have debunked and explained the wonders of optical illusions. As time has progressed, artists and scientists have come together and have created amazing optical illusions that mess with both our psyche and mind. From dazzling colors to shapes that transform right before our eyes, optical illusions are getting more amazing every day. Children of the 80’s and 90’s likely remember going through optical illusion books as their first exposure, and the internet has spread the word on even more interesting illusions. One of the most viral optical illusions involved looking at a dot in a black and white splotch, and then when you close your eyes, you see an image of Jesus.In this video are some of the most amazing mind bending optical illusions. Most of them derive from simple photos that twist the mind into seeing something completely different or move before your eyes.



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