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Funniest pictures ever! Try not to laugh as you watch this photo compilation of the world’s most hilarious, lol images

Today we look at 50 of the funniest pictures ever! These hilarious photos will erase a bad day and put a smile on your face!

Truth in advertising. Next time you’re at a breakfast place ask for scrambled boneless chickens

If you can’t swim I don’t know how you’d feel safe with plastic soda bottles as your life vest

This dude keepin it old school. Ipods are for sissies. I wonder if he’s a retired dancer from breakin.

Toenail Cake
Here’s a new birthday game instead of pin the tail on the donkey. Not quite as fun as find the pube but still a good time.

What you wanted the mirror to tell you in the first place. You look fine.

The thing about baskets is you have to carry them. And who wants to do that? If you take the basket and the basket holder then you can just drag it around like this innovative lady.

On shoulders
Her: OMG wooh party! this is so much fun
Him: God help me.
Look at the veins in his forehead.

This panhandler has a good sense of humour

Hand job
I wonder if they’ll have more male clientele than the usual nail spa

Royal guard
All for one and one for… you what f__k that dude. Actually apparently they are taught that if they faint they are to do it at full attention face first, so this looks like a “proper” faint

Possibly the best graffiti ever.

Yeah baby strip that paint. we’ll need some varnish before I make it rain

Instead of random acts of kindness it’s random acts of not giving a crap. Maybe THIS would work in Saudi Arabia where two men were arrested for offering free hugs in a public place.

You know what, thank you ikea for letting us know that this is not the actual size of the 50 cent hotdog
(picture of 50-cent no it is it is! actual size actual size)

This is a real middle school in Poteau (pohdoh), Oklahoma. Something tells me they don’t have a football team. The school was named after a teacher named Pansy Ingle who married Frank Kidd making her name Pansy Kidd.

When you can’t find a milf.
When milf’s just don’t do it for you anymore.
When milf’s just don’t cut it anymore
When mother’s just don’t do it for you anymore. I’ll let you figure out what it stands for.

Wasted and broke probably the most honest product labeling ever

Umm if that’s the case, remind me to never ever ever go to Kohl’s

She loves him but damn this soda is good. Actually it turns out she’s just sipping on an energy drink to keep her going during a world record attempt for the longest kiss. The world record kiss was achieved by a couple from Thailand and lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds which is almost 2 ½ days and ended on valentine’s day.

Broc Obama. Yes we can! but we don’t cause we’d rather eat a cheeseburger, and now we’re fat.
(thanks obama!)

You’ll never look at a plug plugged into an outlet the same way again.

I’m guessing this is the pizza that rapper Xzibit orders. Yo dawg I’ll take some pizza on my pizza.

Middle finger
Alan Markovitz, a Detroit strip club operator, moved into the house next to his ex-wife’s home and then put up this statue. The statue has lights on it so it can be seen 24/7.

This dude loves to knit. Grandma has this guy’s poster on her wall instead of michael jordan.

How twins are made

Look at this photo of a boiler, remind you of anything? The boiler kind of looks like a grandmother caterpillar wearing glasses and applying lipstick. Give it a second you’ll see it.

Bob Marley. Best printer name ever.
We’re jammin right straight from yah.. Holy Magenta Cyan!

Storm Trooper
The only thing this trooper has been storming is the buffet. Look at the judgemental look on Darth Vader.

Hmm $19/hour.. I don’t think they realized the message they were sending when they had her ride in the back of the truck.. or maybe they did maybe they did.



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