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World’s weirdest pictures ever! These funny photos are some of the strangest pics of the best wtf moments ever taken on the internet

Today we look at 26 of the weirdest pictures in the world! You will not believe this s__t my friend

When you’re vegan game is on fleek.

That is a serious amount of flare on that car, I wonder if this person works at Chotchkie’s

Grandma’s now 50% off with your rewards card

Although at first glance it looks like an Upside down truck it’s actually just a clever mod.

A diamond she’ll forget but writing I love you in dead cockroaches she’ll never forget.

When your mother in law comes switch out the beamer with the tractor cage.

Do you even stretch bro?

Rocking chair
It’s friday time to rock out with my.. girlfriend in a rocking chair on the back of my motorcycle.

think your neighborhood pool is dirty? Think again. The local swimming holes are on a different level in the 3rd world.

Ever feel like you really did a good job using all the space in your Uhaul? Yeah not even close. I counted over 60 people just on what we can see

You ever have that one friend who’s like I just forget to eat? Problem solved. Actually this is from the scotch tape selfie meme that went viral in 2014

just grandpa doing a one handed plank on top of a bottle. You should see what happens when he takes viagra.

I’m thinking there’s a high probability that there’s candy in that van.

This almost looks like something from How to Basic. I don’t think he’s going to get over this easily.

You only think you party. This lady parties.
(Look I think we have something special)

Because bungee jumping it not extreme enough, Stanislav Aksenov adds in body suspension. Yes those are piercings in his back which will hold the weight of his body while bungeeing

I guess her 10 gallon hat was feeling 5 gallons flat

I’m pretty sure no one asked for this, but he’s doing it.

This is a real convenience store in New Jersey

This makes no sense..there’s definitely more than $100 worth of damage to the pickup truck now which is about what a tow would have cost. At the same time I’m kind of amazed that they were able to pull this off

Would you try this ice cream made from human breast milk?

This is what happens when you get to that weird part of the internet.

Seems like a normal hand until…Let’s look at that again.

Varicose veins on a American professional biker George Hincapie

Miley Cyrus making out with some guy in a giant baby mask. Of course by now we know this isn’t weird it’s situation normal.

Number 1
And now for the number 1 weirdest picture ever! But first I want to give a shout out to those who gave a pig fact in my last video:

As you look at this number 1 weirdest picture, here’s a question *for you*: What device is he using and would you ever do that?

It looks like he’s playing a game of operation where his head is the tweezer. You do not want to touch the sides. Of course all that is moot *since he’s drinking out of it*.


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