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Craziest photos ever! These are some of the most epic extreme photos of daredevils involving sharks, skyscrapers, planes, and more.

Today we look at 23 of the most dangerous photos ever! Your palms will sweat and your butt will clench.

Mountain biker Hans Rey popping a wheelie along the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. There is 600 ft (183 M) drop to his left.

This is what Saudi Arabians like to do for fun. It’s called skiing or sidewalk skiing and it involves driving a car on two wheels. To ski, a ramp can be used to start or for vehicles with higher centers of gravities, like SUV’s, it can be done without a ramp

A bear chases a ranger in the Ukraine after unsuccessfully attempting to tranquilize the bear with a gun. Reportedly the bear said: “what is this 80 proof tranquilizer?” “in soviet russia, my friend, one shot vill not do”

Near Sydney Australia the timber load from a truck became loose and impaled this ladies car. Luckily she had no serious injuries as a result of this. Looking at the picture I’m not sure how

Austrian Skydive legend Paul Steiner grabbing the vertical stabilizer of a glider plane after having switched planes mid-air

This guy doing his best Jesus impression as he gets chased by a bull into water

Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa is considered to the be the largest waterfall in the world. From August to January, when the level of water is low enough, there is an area of the falls called Devil’s pool where you can get in right up to the edge of the waterfall just before the 354ft (108 m) drop. This guide apparently feels comfortable enough to stand right at the edge.

This is Rick Rojatt known as the Human Fly. He was the inspiration for the Human Fly Marvel comic book character. Here he’s strapped to a post attached to a DC-8 plane traveling 250 mph (402 kmph). He encountered some rain and the Human Fly said afterward that the rain drops felt like bullets.

A Sky Dancer aerialist skips rope in Chicago in 1955.

Ruan Liangming has the world record for spending the most time covered by bees. He spent 53 minutes and 34 seconds covered by approximately 100,000 bees with no protection for his face and apparently was not stung. The bees are drawn to him because they attach the queen bee somewhere on his body. He stays perfectly still until it’s time to remove them at which point he shakes them off.
Calling him beeyaaotch is not actually an insult

This is Troy Hartman parachuting with a burning parachute. He jumped out of the plane and shot the parachute himself with a flare gun setting it on a fire, because, why not?. In case you’re wondering he did have another parachute and he lived.

This is Tom Ryaboi playing spiderman on a ledge on the side of building in Hong Kong

Vitalaiy Raskalov leaning back on the top of Stalin’s skyscraper in Moscow

At the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand, Theerapone Manolai puts his head in a crocodile’s mouth. I’m thinking any accidents are covered by zoo’s slogan: That’s not blood, it’s Sriracha

This is climber Stefan Glowacz free solo climbing at Mount Arapiles, Australia. Free solo climbing means he doesn’t use any ropes or safety devices. just chalk.. and balls. chalk and balls.

In 1999 Robbie Knievel jumped a portion of the Grand Canyon. This was a jump his father Evil Knievel had always wanted to do but could not get government clearance. Although Robbie successfully made it across the canyon, he did break his leg in a crash landing.

The Dorobo people of Kenya Africa can be seen here approaching a pack of 15 lions eating a wildebeest. The three men approach the lions confidently with only bows and arrows and are able to intimidate the lions into running away so they can take part of their kill.

This is Ocean Ramsey free diving with a great white shark. Ocean can hold her breath for over 5 minutes. The fact that she is holding her breath and therefore doesn’t have bubbles coming out of her is believed to aid her in getting so close to the sharks without spooking them. And apparently she doesn’t need a weight belt because the weight of her huge ovaries.

Urban climber Mustang wanted holding his friend off a bridge 380ft (116m) up in the Ukraine.

This is Dean Potter at Taft Point in Yosemite Valley. He’s doing what is called highlining which is a form of slacklining. Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking except the line doesn’t have as much tension . What makes this extraordinarily dangerous is that he’s doing it over 3000 ft high with no safety harness.

Extreme performance artist Eskil Ronningsbakken doing a handstand on the edge of Trolltunga rock in Norway. Interestingly the word Trolltunga means Troll’s Tongue. Here’s the bigger picture

Kirill Oreshkin doing a one-handed grab from the ledge of a building in Moscow, holding his life with only his fingertips.

Philippe Petit is shown here tightrope walking between the former Twin towers in New York.


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