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Here are the top 10 Strange and Weird Animals That You Didn’t Know Exist. The earth is populated with animals we have never discovered. please watch my video and if u like then please subscribe and like me.

Here are 10 weird animals you didn’t know exist.

10 The Mexican Walking Fish
-The Adorable Mexican Walking Fish is seriously threatened with extinction because of habitat destruction and water pollution.

9 Red-lipped Batfish
-An unusual looking fish from the Galapagos Islands. It belongs to the family Ogcocephalidae, whose members are commonly referred to as batfish.

8 The Panda Ant
-The Panda Ant are a family of more than 3,000 species of wasps whose wingless females resemble large and hairy ants found in Chile.

7 The Snake
-it’s a peculiar eyeless animal called Atretochoana eiselti. It is a caecilian amphibian with a flat head and a fleshy dorsal fin on the body.

6 The Umbonia Spinosa
-These thorny bugs are related to cicadas. They use their beaks to pierce plant stems to feed upon their sap. The scientists still have many questions regard their strange appearance.

5 Glaucus Atlanticus (Blue Dragon)
-This gorgeous creature is a is a species of blue sea slug (also known as the blue dragon). You could find it in warm waters of the oceans.

4 The Pacu Fish
-The residents of Papua New Guinea call this fish a “ball cutter.”

3 Indian Purple Frog
-This bloated body and an unusually pointy snout frog only spends two weeks a year on the surface of earth, leaving the underground for mating.

2 Thorny Lizard
-This thorny lizard has a “fake” head, which he presents to his predators by dipping the real one.

1 Dumbo Octopus
-Grimpoteuthis is a genus of pelagic umbrella octopus that live in the deep sea.

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