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 The most funny and embarrassing wedding shots caught on camera.

Your wedding day should be a once in a lifetime experience, filled with your favourite people, beautiful outfits, abiding love and amazing photos that capture the day in all its glory. But for some reason or another, some brides and grooms challenge the norms and snap photos of themselves in rather questionable ways, doing pretty cringe-worthy things. An example? The bride and groom who posed with crowns on their heads, with the bride pictured puncturing a baguette through the groom’s head. Or how about the groom who posed with his shrunken bride in his suit pocket; or the bride and groom who thought the best scenery option for their romantic photo was a bridge with a homeless man and all his grungy bags right in front of them.Some couples have unique personalities and interests, so it makes sense that for their wedding photos they’d want to showcase this for years to come. But in these 10 cases it’s safe to say that these whacky ideas probably should have been excluded from the wedding day. Although, they all seem extremely happy, so who are we to judge?

While some of these images are made possible by Photoshop, others garner a massive WTF all on their own. In today’s video we take a peek at 10 of the most amazing WTF wedding photos that have surfaced to date.

Baguette Bride
Horsing Around
Bridging It
Lock and Load Wedding
Pocket Bride
Floral Dress
Pony Bride
Limo Alternative
Robot Minister
Naughty Groom


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